Collaborative Violence Prevention in Columbus


Gun violence among African American and Latino youth remains unacceptably high in the United States despite the fact that most violence is preventable. The burden on certain communities is alarmingly high and  requires immediate attention.

The long-term goal of the CeaseFire Columbus strategy is to reduce shootings and killings in high-violence target areas by changing social norms and disrupting transmission of violent behavior from person to person, thus breaking the intergenerational cycle of violence.  Growing out of the efforts of the OSU YVPAB, the CeaseFire Columbus has been modeled closely after the CeaseFire-Chicago model which is grounded in a public health behavioral change model focusing resources on high risk individuals, neighborhoods, and events. There are six core components that work in tandem:

  • Community Mobilization: Mobilize and empower the community to engage informal social control through collective responses to violence, participation in community events, block-level organizing and more.  Celebrate non-violence! Celebrate life!
  • Public Education Campaign: Violence is preventable! We will spread strong anti-violence public education messages;implement anti-violence events and unify the community around prevention. Lend your creative talents to the CeaseFire Columbus initiative!
  • Faith Leadership in this Peace Movement:  We will partner with faith leaders and the faith community to provide spiritual leadership, open churches as safe havens, and to spread awareness that violence is not acceptable in our community.
  • Street Outreach and Conflict Mediation: We will establish street outreach and violence interrupter services to target area youth (14-26) who are at high risk of being shot or being a shooter. If you know a young person who needs a reason to change make a referral to CeaseFire Columbus!
  • Partnerships with Social service providers, criminal justice system professionals, and health care providers
  • Data Driven Solutions and Evaluation of our Efforts: We will carefully analyze changes in patterns of gun violence including hot spots and retaliatoryhomicides. We will collect data on shootings and murders from the Columbus Division of Police.  The OSU research team will work closely with our community partners to use data to direct our limited resources to stop the shootings and killings.


Like many other large U.S. cities, specific geographic areas in Columbus have been negatively affected by disproportionately high rates of gun violence. We examined the geographic patterns using police violent crime incident data for an 11-year period, from 2000-2010. Our analysis shows that precincts 5, 9, 11, and 12 consistently have the highest numbers of gun assaults, gun homicides and gun robberies. The rate of violent gun crime varies across Columbus with the highest concentrations on the near east side in police Precincts 5, 6, 11, and 12 (in Zone 5 before redistricting). Precinct 12 consistently has the highest rates in the city with Precinct 11 ranking 3rd worst. A majority of homicide victims killed in Precincts 11 or 12 were below the age of 26 at the time of their death (14/24 or 58% -data from 1/2010-5/6/2011).


Ministries4Movement is a partnership of Family Missionary Baptist Church, Men for the Movement, OSU research team, CeaseFire Columbus, National Center for Urban Solutions, with members of the community. We have developed a holistic approach to curbing gun violence and changing the conditions/quality of life in the community. We are actively engaged in efforts to mobilize the community within the boundaries of 22nd Street, Lockbourne, Whittier, and Livingston Avenue.

Our March which has now Transformed into a Movement addressing life issues and help our Neighborhood transform back into the vibrant community village to help the next generation to succeed. Addressing  those stronghold within the home and reconnecting it back to the church house, school house and neighborhood house.  As we continue to walk in the favor of God wearing our bands on our right hands as a witness of the Unity within our Community. The four color represent the blessing and favor of God in the area of Resources (green), Relationship (red), Reviving (yellow) and Redemption (red/ white). The Scripture Eph 3:15 talks about connecting the family of heaven with earth through the 3 o’clock hour hand and the 15 minute hand point together toward the east toward Judah (praise)


CeaseFire Columbus will have the greatest chance of success if there are strong working partnerships between researchers, active stakeholders, community residents, law enforcement, faith leaders, and youth in the target community. Rosenbaum (2002) has argued strongly that many of the crime reduction strategies of the past failed to demonstrate effectiveness because they lacked comprehensiveness, strong leadership, data driven strategic planning, active participation by community residents, and an adequate organizing capacity that is necessary for implementation. Translating and transferring an evidence-based model from one location to another requires a level of expertise and a network of partnerships that takes time to build.  We have already invested 3 years of time and social capital in developing the necessary infrastructure to address the gun violence problem in Columbus.


In this time of economic hardship, it is easy to get discouraged by a lack of sustained investment in prevention.  Numerous studies show for every $1 invested in violence prevention there is a $5 return on investment. A recent publication entitled Injury in Ohio by the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital summarized important information on scope and costs associated with all types of injuries. The cost data for hospitalizations of firearm inflicted injuries were noteworthy. They found, “On average, inpatient hospitalizations for firearm related injuries totaled more than $37.2 million per year in hospital charges for approximately 5,126 days of hospitalization during 2005-2007. Overall, average hospital charges were $34,896 and average length of hospital stay was 4.8 days per person for these injuries.”

A study published in JAMA in 1999 on the medical cost of gun injuries reported that 49% of the total cost for gun injuries is paid by tax payer funds (Cook, Lawrence, Ludwig, & Miller, 1999). The cost of a full-time street outreach worker implementing the CVPC-CeaseFire intervention is about $38,000 per year. Each street outreach worker would maintain a caseload of 15 individuals who are deemed to be at high risk of being shot or being a shooter. The job of the street outreach worker would be to get to know the client, conduct a needs assessment, guide the individual through a deliberate process of behavioral change, and connect the client with needed services including substance abuse, mental health, educational remediation, job readiness, and conflict resolution. Using the principles of public health, the CeaseFire intervention stops the spread of violence by engaging high risk individuals, one person at a time to change their thinking. These interventionists will save lives and ultimately public money by preventing violent acts one person at a time. Call us today to find out how you can contribute! (614) 247-4004 or (614) 247-1661.


Ways that you can participate:

  • Join a meeting
  • Participate in social media efforts
  • Come out to support and participate in Ministries4Movement events
  • Host informational/educational sessions at your local organization

    Join the conversation in person at our Monthly Ministries4Movement March at Family Missionary Baptist Church 995 Oakwood Avenue. March starts promptly at 3:30pm. RSVP to or call (614) 247-1661.

  • Stay informed
  • Join us for a CeaseFire Columbus training workshop
  • Celebrate days without shootings
  • Build relationships with children and teens on your block.
  • Donate your time to CeaseFire Columbus activities.
  • Donate your money to help us hire the staff needed to successfully implement CeaseFire where it is needed most.
  • Call Jeff Byars, EHE Senior Development Officer, to make your tax deductible donation today at   (614) 688-0990.

 YVPAB and the OSU research team’s Web resources and links:

 Online Violence prevention networking community

  **CeaseFire Columbus is a proud member of Cure Violence**