Being a savvy consumer of information is vital in today’s information age. The Community Safety Institute (CSI) Knowledge Center was established with the aim to enhance the crime/violence prevention capacity of community social service and safety professionals, community activists, law enforcement,  and all community residents (young and old) through a web-based resource. The CSI Knowledge Center features:

  • reviews of the latest relevant research,
  • publications produced by our team,
  • links and recommendations to other web resources,
  • information about our ongoing violence prevention work in Columbus, and
  • specific resource information for those seeking to knowledge across the social service/juvenile justice/criminal justice/community/faith/policing/social justice/education/prevention fields.

The CSI Knowledge Center includes the contributions of a broad spectrum of partners, including researchers and practitioners who are members of the OSU Youth Violence Prevention Advisory Board. The site aims to offer something for everyone, although much of the material will be most relevant to the Columbus community.

We hope you will consult this CSI Knowledge Center often for your crime/violence prevention information needs. We are committed to providing high quality resource information from multidisciplinary perspectives to those who seek it.

Disclaimer: The content and summaries found on this site are for your educational use. Proper citation is required. If you are having trouble finding content or deciphering materials posted on this site, please contact us so that we can assist you. Please note that we are providing web links for a variety of additional resources, but we are not responsible for the content of those sites. Please let us know if you discover broken links.